• Production date
  • Enterprise Chongqing Zongshen motorcycle Industry Manufacturing Co., Ltd
  • Engine Type Single Cylinder
  • Certification 3C
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Enterprise of Export Base ChongQing
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Major Technical Parameters
Valve rocker arm with needle bearing
The valve rocker arm with needle bearing improves the friction condition between the camshaft and the rocker arm, reduces the power loss and increases the service life.
Chain drive
Tooth type chain (7-chain) drive is adopted to ensure he smooth running of the valve system; the complete engine has low noise;
Universal ball screw
Universal ball screw with patented technology is adopted for adjusting valve rocker arm and traditional point contact between valve adjusting screw and the valve is replaced by plane contact, greatly reducing contact stress and prolonging service life.
Lightweight piston with micro-arc oxidation at the top
The lightweight piston with Piaggio tool marks reduces the inertia and abrasion generated by the up-and-down motion and enhances the power output and the service life; added oil slot improves the piston lubrication, and the micro-arc oxidation adopted at the top enhances the heat resistance of the piston and increases its service life.
FCC friction plates with gear grinding process are more wearable and reliable; the service life are greatly increased; the rubber absorber is replaced by spring absorber, greatly enhancing the shock absorption effect and the reliability.
Special spray hole design
The case is provided with the special spray hole for engine oil spraying, so as to cool and lubricate the cylinder body and the piston, effectively controlling the temperature of the piston, improving the operation environment of the engine and prolonging the service life of the engine.
New balance system
The front-mounted balance mechanism is adopted and the balance shaft is set to balance the first-order inertial force generated by the engine, reducing the engine vibration caused by reciprocating motion of the crankshaft and enhancing the quiet running property and comfort of the complete vehicle.
Brand new air passage design
The new low-speed air passage design is adopted to make the engine power stronger and the exhaust smoother.
Brand new valve design
The new valve design concept is adopted to make the combustion more sufficient in the engine, greatly improve immediate acceleration and effectively reduce the emission.
Shifting mechanism
The double shift fork shafts are adopted to locate the shift fork, which is more flexible and convenient during gearshift; the comfort of the shifting mechanism is enhanced.

Displacement 149.3mL
Bore and Stroke 57×58.5
Ignition CDI
Compression Radio 10.5:1
Max Power 8.5
Max Torque 12
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