• Production date
  • Enterprise Chongqing Zongshen motorcycle Industry Manufacturing Co., Ltd
  • Engine Type Single Cylinder
  • Certification 3C
  • Clicks 2658
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Product Quality Assessment Rating
Enterprise of Export Base ChongQing
Credit Rating of Enterprise AA

Major Performance and Characteristics
Low-speed and large-torque technology:
Increase the power and torque by above 20%, for better starting and accelerating performances and stronger power;
Crankshaft displacement technology:
Improve the engine power performance and reduce the noise effectively;
Roller valve rockerarm:
Reduce the friction of rockerarm and camshaft, improve the power performance and the durability of rockerarm and camshaft;
Dual channel cooling technique:
Improve the cylinder head cooling efficiency, with better strength than common structure, and reduce the noise of cylinder head effectively;
Built-in pressure reducing valve:
Decrease the electric/kick starting load effectively, and guarantee the integrity of engine appearance;
Piston sprinkling technique:
Increase the lubricating efficiency of relevant parts, such as piston and cylinder block, reduce the energy loss and improve the durability of parts and components;
Lightweight piston:
Decrease the inertial mass of piston movement by 20%, reduce the energy loss and vibration; and improve the comfort of complete vehicle;
Clutch optimization technique:
Use the main clutch of three-disc spring type for compact dimension, and use the friction plate of high quality formula for more stable power transmission and better comfortable riding;
Speed ratio optimization technique:
Optimize the speed ratio of every gear position, to ensure the starting, accelerating and maximum speed performances, and improve the riding comfort;
High-power DC power supply technique:
Use 12-pole full-wave DC magneto of 12V, to adequately satisfy the complete vehicle power consumption requirement of top-grade vehicle.
Overrunning clutch of new type:
Use six-roller overrunning clutch of new type for better bearing capacity;
Integral sealing technique:
The oil immersed integral sealing is applied to the left front cover, to thoroughly solve the oil leakage problem of traditional horizontal engine.
Triangle positioning suspension technology:
By use of the triangular stability, three-suspension design is applied, for better coordination between engine and complete vehicle and better vibration-proof effect.

Displacement 109.2mL
Bore and Stroke 50×55.6
Ignition CDI
Compression Radio 8.8:1
Max Power 6.2
Max Torque 8.2
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