• Production date
  • Enterprise Chongqing Zongshen motorcycle Industry Manufacturing Co., Ltd
  • Engine Type Single Cylinder
  • Certification 3C
  • Clicks 2829
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Product Quality Assessment Rating
Enterprise of Export Base ChongQing
Credit Rating of Enterprise AA

Major Performance and Characteristics
Valve rocker arm of needle bearing
Valve rocker arm of needle bearing improves friction condition between camshaft and rocker arm, reduces power loss and extends service life;
Integrated cylinder head
It increases structure rigidity, reduces cylinder head noise; the structure of intake and exhaust passage of the cylinder head is optimized; integrated cylinder head completely solves oil leakage problem of the split cylinder head.
Light weight piston
The lightweight piston with Piaggio tool marks reduces the up-and-down motion inertia and abrasion of the piston and enhance the power output and service life of the engine. Oil tank is added to improve piston lubrication and extend piston service life.
FCC friction plate increases wear resistance of the clutch, greatly extending clutch service life.
Special spraying hole design
The box is provided with special spraying hole for spraying oil to cool down and lubricate the cylinder piston, thus effectively controlling piston temperature and improving engine operation environment and extending engine service life.
Brand new balance system
Front-mounted balance structure is adopted and first order inertia force generated when the balance shaft balances the engine is set to reduce engine vibration due to crankshaft reciprocating movement so as to increase the stability and comfort of the entire vehicle.
Increased crankshaft bearing
Shrinkage-fit process is adopted for crankshaft and box body, effectively reducing noise generated from rotating crankshaft and achieve stable rotation. Thickened inner ring is adopted for crankshaft bearing, increasing bearing strength, thus extending service life.
Large-power start-up motor
Start-up motor has braking torque up to 1.5 N.M, greatly increasing safety coefficient of the motor, thus avoiding the burning loss due to start-up over-current and making the start-up easier.

Displacement 133mL
Bore and Stroke 58.5×49.5
Ignition DCI
Compression Radio 9.2: 1
Max Power 7.7
Max Torque 9.2
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